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KCCC Specialty Show
with Sweepstakes
Gardner, Kansas
Saturday, September 30, 2000

The Kansas City Collie Club recently completed another successful specialty show. The KCCC Specialty Show with Sweepstakes was held at Johnson County Fairgrounds in Gardner Kansas, on Saturday, September 30, 2000 (AKC Event # 2000134503).


BOB: Ch. Tapestry Tartanside Image

BOS: Ch. Lisara's Slick Chic

Roughs (13 - 20 - 5 - 2 & 2 Veteran Bitches)

BOV: Ch. Tapestry Tartanside Image Brd/Onr: Steve & Lisa Finken

BOS/BOV: Ch. Gambit's Dream Time Brd: Linda Robbins & Larry Willeford Onr: Pamela A. Eddy & Larry G. Willeford

BW/WD: Littlefield Country Squire Brd: Cathy Littleton & Joyce Spirat
Onr: Cathy Squire

WB: Milen's Promise Brd/Onr: Helen Cornio

RWD: Valley Park's With Honors Brd: Michelle Struble Onr: Michelle & Tracey Struble

RWB: Tartanside Raven Tapestry Brd: Steve & Lisa Finken Onr: Jennifer Jullander & Diane Hemphill

Smooths (4 - 4 - 5 - 4 & 1 Veteran Bitch)

BOV: Ch. Capella's Midnight Blues Brd: Debbie Price & Lou Ann Young
Onr: Mary Doyle Pickett

BOS/BOV: Ch. Lisara's Slick Chic Brd: Carmen & Larry Leonard
Onr: Debbie Price

BW/WB: Capella's Celestial Quest Brd/Onr: Debbie Price, Susan Joslin & Crystal Jose

WD: Deep River Rowan Ringmaster Brd: Robert & Wanda Schumann
Onr: Beth F. & Gary L. Newsham

RWD: Wych's Shadow of the Dragon Brd: Lynda & Ken Cox, DVM
Onr: Mary Doyle Pickett

RWB: Be-Wych'd Traces of Love Brd: Lynda & Ken Cox, DVM
Onr: Ruthann Beeler


BIS: Deep River Rowan Ringmaster Onr: Beth F. & Gary L. Newsham

BOS/BIS: Kendras Tsunami Cheyenne Onr: Janet Kurihara & Sandra Thompson

(Submitted By: Mary E. Hunter, Show Secretary)